SCALE is a monthly journal that is geared towards people who want to move to a new city or explore a new city. SCALE is an acronym that stands for Shop, Culture, Arts, Living + Eat. The information is gathered by people who live in the city, whether this be freelancers or people visiting who work for SCALE. SCALE is primarily a text based journal with each issue, normally, ranging between fifty and eighty pages.


scale: raleigh

Each issue of the publication focuses on a different city. For this issue, issue 11 of 2018, SCALE focuses on all the need-to-know in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When first opening the publication, it is the same spread called SCALE What? Any questions the reader may have about SCALE is answered here. To start the readers journey is the section Let’s Begin. Let’s Begin informs the reader what to expect when they arrive in the city, whether this be how to get there, the weather, local attractions and how to get around.

Each section will be rated on a scale of 1 through 10. Along with local places to check out that were top rated. Following each section are articles from locals of what to do and their experiences.

Finishing up the publication is Adventure Out. Adventure Out is the last section that informs the reader of what may be around the city that is worth visiting, like a 2 hour drive to Carolina Beach from Raleigh.


Above: SCALE What? Lets Begin, Shop + Culture

Above: Arts, Living, Eat + Adventure Out