NCMNS: Exhibit Redesign

Partnering with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences we redesigned the dinosaur exhibit to make it accessible. We studied the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to understand what we were needed. After conducting research paper and a concept map we were able to figure out the exhibits needs. The goal was to empower the visitors using words related to dinosaurs like SOAR, HATCH, TREK, STOMP & ROAM. These empowering words were assigned a pattern and color. We created an experience before, during and after the museum, which reaches people that have gone, never been and longing to return. We based our concept off of Interaction, Discovery + Inclusion.



  • Emphasis on physical and tangible interactions between both user + promotional materials and promotional materials + exhibit space.

  • Taking into account benefits of human-centered interaction and sensory stimulus to the experience of children with ASD.

  • Use of short, bold, action words related to characteristics of dinosaurs as a means of speaking directly to users and relaying message of empowerment.

  • Use of simple, yet reptilian patterns to establish visual identity and unify different promotional materials.

  • Interaction of promotional materials throughout the museum experience with reference to time.

  • Understanding user feedback loops and the potential of promotional materials both within and outside of the context of the museum.



typography, color, pattern + word choice

Use of five distinct colors, patterns and words to have variety and visual interest without losing sense of a unified brand. Each pattern is paired with a corresponding pattern and color consistently to create a visual system throughout all the pieces. The chosen typeface, Halis R, is clean, bold and direct to minimize distraction from the message, as well as to reduce visual complexity in relationship with the patterns. Each word references a different part of the museum experience while still hinting at the physicality of dinosaurs.



Top Row: Poster, Mailer, Mailer | Bottom Row: Greeting Cards, Stickers, Tissue Paper


final materials