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Creating mysa

Creating mysa


Culture is the invisible bond that ties people together. Cultural values are the founding principles of our life: it shapes our behavior, thinking and personality. By understanding cultures other than our own, we become more in turn with the rich social fabric of our world. Unfortunately, most people in the United States are only exposed to different cultures in places like this. Most often taught through language courses, the world’s array of culture is studied through monotone lectures and quizzes in the classroom. There are limited opportunities for truly immersive learning, until now…

Welcome to Mysa, a new way to have face-to-face cultural experiences in your neighborhood. Mysa connects people from diverse backgrounds to improve cultural competency through practical speaking and in-person interaction all while creating a community. Mysa was a 10 week long group project, composed of four people. We created a business focusing on the branding, service and interaction design.


mission statement

vision statement

Mysa connects native speakers and self-motivated learners of various languages in order to improve language skills through practical speaking and in-person interaction.

Our vision is to create a community passionate about learning, speaking, and understanding other languages and cultures through meaningful relationships.


user journey map

Our user journey map lays out the timeline of when a user might interact with our different touchpoints. We recognize that each user would have a different sequence of interactions, but our map lays out the best case scenario of a new user interacting with our brand from having no knowledge of Mysa to being a frequent user and active participant in the Mysa community at large.

red: branding | orange: service | aqua: interaction


promotional materials

The main source of promotion for Mysa would come in the form of posters. While smaller merchandise items might spark a one-on-one conversation about our brand, posters are geared towards a wider audience to pique interest about what we do. The language on the posters suggest conversation and hint at the speech anxiety that often comes with learning and speaking a new language.



The Mysa website serves as a home-base for all things Mysa. While most interactions occur on the app or within the space, the website hosts all the information about what Mysa is and encourages users to download the app and try it for themselves. We designed the website to be geared towards users who are ready to know, but not necessarily ready to act.

Here users can find information about the Mysa as a business, brand, the language ambassadors, the events within the Mysa spaces, the locations of the Mysa spaces, and can contact Mysa with any questions, concerns or for more information.

mobile application

The mobile app has many features. Shown on the right is scheduling a meet-up. Finding a time that works best for you and your friend is simple with Mysa. Especially with larger groups, finding overlaps in an inputted schedule streamlines the process. Simply input your availability and Mysa does the rest. Find a time that overlaps with your partner and schedule a meeting.

The mobile app features include: creating a profile, home screen, event tickets, finding a friend, scanning a code and scheduling a meeting.

Branding, Illustration, UX/UI: DIO

Branding, Illustration, UX/UI: DIO

SCALE Publication

SCALE Publication